Best Safety Gate

When your baby starts crawling, you need a protect your child from unsafe zone like stair, kitchen, swimming pool and other. The safety gate can be used to separate the child and pet. This gate is ideal for age between 6 month to 2 years. Before buying a baby gate you have to check for the safety standard and it should be certified by JPMA. There are two types of gate like hardware mounted baby gate and pressure mounted baby gate where the hardware mounted gate attach with screws directly to the wall or wood that are useful for blocking areas like stair, fireplace and more. These gate are highly reliable and more secure. Pressure mounted gate is fixed with U-shaped frame which is held in place by pressure at four points. This gate is good for doorways but it is not sturdy like hardware mounted gate. Identify the place where you want to fix the gate and take measurement of the place. There is also many safety gates that comes with extension when you are using at a different place. You should also check the size of the gate and the gate should have minimum height of 60 cm or it should at least three quarters of the height. The gate slat opening should be 50 mm to 95 mm where the babies won't put the head through the space. Please avoid safety gate with horizontal bars across the floor at the top of the stair as well as don't buy crisscross diamond-shaped accordion which is known for trapping babies head or clothing.


The latch system should be in a efficient manner where it should be easy for the adult to open and difficult for the child to open. There are many features with baby gate like easy walk through, one hand open and close, and other feature. Many of the hardware mounted gates swing open whereas some pressure mounted does not swing. Baby gate comes with different type of material like metal, wood and plastic. It is best to have metal gate as it is the safest and long lasting. The wood will be popular of its appearance and it can be installed around fire places. Plastic gates will be inexpensive and it is better to check if it is sturdy. The side opening gates (swing) is the popular one and it is available in wood and metal and it will be little difficult when you open in small or awkward place. Make sure that you can open the gate fully without any issues. Coming to installation, it is easy to set up a pressure mount gate where there is no drilling required and it few minutes to install. The hardware mounted gate requires drilling and it is mounted with hardware and screwed to the door frame. This is the best option if you are looking for a super strong gate and gives more safety to your child or pet. There are various brand available in the market and it is ideal to use hardware mounted gate.

How to choose tall safety gate

If you have child or pet at home it is better to use tall safety gate which stops baby climbing over it and keep the pet at a particular bay. You can get the tall safety gate in different opening and follow these steps before buying a baby gate. Measure the opening of the baby gate and if it is a staircase measure then measure the top and bottom of the stair. If it is being a doorway then measure between the walls and skirting boards for a perfect fit. There is also two types of gate like pressure mounted baby gate and hardware mounted baby gate where you will pressure mounted baby gate rely on pressure to stay in a place and the hardware mounted baby gate attaches to surrounding wall or door frame with screws. Hardware mounted baby gate takes longer time to install and it is ideal to install at top of the stair. You can use this gate for child between 6 to 36 months. These gates are used for indoor purpose and it is 20% taller than normal gates. The tall safety gate can be used for hallways, doorway and bottom of the stair. This gate offers you more protection and protects from dangerous stair.

Things to keep in mind

You can do easy access where you can pass through the gate easily. Hardware mounted gate swing in both the direction whereas some pressure mounted gate does not. Most of the gates will block a average doorway and is there is larger opening then you can use extension to block the doorway. It should also meet all safety standard and it should be certified by JPMA.

Things to avoid

Pressure mounted gates is not recommended to be used at the top of the stair and don't use old fashioned accordion style gate that open to form large diamond shaped gaps where a child's head can get stuck in this place. Avoid using gates that has footholds as it may encourage to climb over.

Tall safety gate features

The tall safety gate comes with material like wood, steel and net interior where metal is reliable is reliable and sturdy compared to others. There are safety gates with features like auto close, one or two way opening, slam shut, quick folding, EZY check indicator and more. Auto close feature has a easy to use automatic closing mechanism and has one way or two way opening mechanism where you can open the gate in one direction or both the direction. There EZY indicator which gives visual verification that gate is properly closed or not and it can be removed for storage. There is additional extension sold separately for wider spaces up to 111". This gate is ideal to keep to tall dogs in a restricted area as it can't jump over the gate. Currently, there are various models in gate that matches your interior of the house. There are gates with different brand like carlson, evenflo and more at a different price range.



Baby gate for stairs

A baby gate is essential one when it becomes active and also keeps your child safer by keeping away from potential danger. You can also keep a pet away from baby and vice versa. The baby gate for stair  are ideal for children between 6 to 24 months. Before you buy, measure the opening where you want to put the gate and choose the type of baby safety gate that you want to fix. There are two types of gate like pressure mounted or hardware mounted whereas pressure mounted gate rely on pressure to stay in place and it is a great fit for doorways. The hardware mounted gate attach to surrounding walls or door frame with screw and it takes longer time to set up which is sturdier also. It is the safe option to use it at the top of the stair. You can also keep these option in mind like easy access, fit and safety standard. If you will be using the gate frequently then you can go for hardware mounted gates which will be more easier for you to access. The fit should be in a correct size that it covers all area and coming to safety standard it should meet all safety standard and JPMA certified. Safety gate should have a minimum height of 60 cm and should be atleast three quarters your height to prevent accident. It is better to avoid old fashioned gate that open to form a large diamond shaped gaps and also avoid gates containing areas like footholds that encourages child to climb over. Latch system should be in a efficient manner and it should be difficult for the child to operate. The baby comes with material like steel, wood and net interior for portable gate. Steel gate is more sturdier and safer comparing to other material. Avail discount on baby safety gates by using coupons. 

Baby gate for stairs

It is better and safer to use hardware mounted gates to use at the top of the stair where the gates are anchored to the walls with screws and bracket that are extra secure to protect your child. It should also have features like easy to install, easy walk through, safety lock feature, one hand walk through, double locking feature, lock indicator and more. The baby gate should be easy to install and remove that it can be placed in another location. Easy walk through feature lets you to move freely by opening the gate and the safety lock feature ensures that additional safety to the child. The one hand operation lets you to open the gate in one hand when you are carrying a baby and the lock indicator makes sure that the gate is properly closed or not.

The pressure mounted baby gate can be used on doorways and bottom of the stair where hardware mounted baby gate can be used for top of the stair, bottom of the stair or uneven surface. Get the baby gate for stair that comes with different opening for stair and it is reliable to use hardware mounted baby gate. When installing at top of the stair make sure that gate opens towards to your side and not towards the flight of stair.